The intention in creating PAUSE is to encourage you slow down in life and be where your feet are. This is a space to learn daily practices that will help you nourish your mind, body and spirit. 

Mindfulness is a practice of awareness without judgment.

There is no judgment of what we are feeling or experiencing in the present moment, simply just being aware that present moment exists and the awareness of our thoughts and feelings in this moment. 

 Through mediation, clean food, connecting with self and surroundings...we become aware of what is going on internally and externally in our reality. 

PAUSE not only offers daily practices for more mindful living, but also offers international retreats. PAUSE retreats are mindfulness driven, culinary experiences. Raw ingredients, breathtaking locations, and living in the moment can have a powerful effect on how you view life. 


If you had to choose....pasta or pizza, which would you choose?

lucky for you... you don't have to choose on our first ever

PAUSE Southern Italy Retreat! 

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